Saturday, October 9, 2010

Let's Try This Again...

As the evenings where I am home while Mike parties it up at the Lib increase in number, I have discovered that exercising and reading can only entertain me so long. This poor, neglected blog will frequently come to mind. While I am fully aware of the fact that my life is a little more dull compared to the next, why not?

Since the last post, mucho has happened in our little lives.

1. There was the whole law school application thing. Mike received zillions of stellar options, and most had some sort of scholarship attached. Awesome, right? Yes. However, we Cannons like to turn fun decisions into long, drawn-out, complicated processes. After months and months of deliberation, including around 83 pro/con sheets and me developing several ulcers over the matter, we/mostly he settled on staying right here in Provo to go to BYU (which thrilled me beyond belief).

2. First year of law school = a blur. Mostly Mike = absent. Sad for both of us. Work at my favorite Provo School District (PSD), hanging out with my family, and finding a strange, new love for cooking (thanks to watching Julia and Julie), made things better. Never fear, his insane studyingness paid off. That boy is brilliant/the hardest worker ever. He did really well and was offered two very lovely internships in Salt Lake that summer. Awesome. Surprised? Not really.

3. My dear family, who kept me so entertained, vamoosed from lovely Salem, Utah and settled back down in Nansdeiztweiler, Germany. Random, yet cool? Yes. My father is now doing IT stuff for an Army hospital there. My siblings now enjoy early morning seminary (heh heh), but also tennis tournaments and EFY in London, school trips to Switzerland, and other insane opportunities. While they do have to get up at 4:45 each morning, they get to do the coolest things that I never dreamed of as a little high schooler. While I miss them dearly, it is really fun to hear about their adventures trying the food, trying to fit Mrs. Norris, our beloved, giant Astro van, into parking spaces literally meant for Smart Cars, and other assorted fun. I had a lovely time visiting them for a couple weeks over the summer.

4. Mike and I have a sincere and deep love for Glee. Artie and Kurt top my list of favs, but I envy Emma's adorable clothes and hair and try to copy her all of the time.

5. I had my gallbladder removed. Probably one of the best days of my life. Not only did my stomach stop freaking out, but my strangely diseased gallbladder kept messing up my liver, which didn't cause any serious damage, it just made it want to have weird allergic reactions to things causing me to be extremely rashy for a few months. Gross/weird/so glad that's over.

6. Summer flew by. Mike worked hard at his fun internships at Chapman and Cutler and then at Parr Brown. Never heard of these firms? Don't worry, neither had I. Parr Brown = lots of social events. Some of them were quite amazing, nearly all of which I was invited to as well. We're talking concerts, including Paul McCartney, movies during the work day, going out to fancy restaurants, over night stays at Sundance, and many, many more. Insane.

7. Law school year 2. Our lives and sense of time now revolve around law school things, job application deadlines, etc. The whole month of September = Mike running around the country for interviews. He was gone at least one night a week in various cities including Dallas, San Diego, and New York City. We feel so lucky to have had these interviews, but we were both getting real tired of them at the end. It was so weird/wonderful to have him home there at the end! Thank heaven I had JayneAnn, my adorable sister, back from Germany to work and college it up, to shop, party, and eat cupcakes with me.

Success was had in all of these places and he received summer internship offers from at least one firm in each place. In law world, wherever you perform your second summer internship will 99% be the place you will work for once you graduate. Remember how we love to make fun decisions into hard and difficult ones? Please refer to #1, except no ulcers were involved this time. We only had about two weeks to deliberate on this one, instead of 9 months like before. Thank heaven. Through much prayer, fasting, and temple visiting we both felt that Dallas would be the best fit for us. While people question our choice when we could have had San Diego or NYC, we feel really good about it. Hopefully it will all work out. Of course it will! At least that's what I tell Mike all of the time. Can you see me as a Texan?

Forever long? Yes. Sorry.

Now you are officially caught up on our life and what in heavens name is going on, hopefully making other things make sense.


Ryan & Amanda said...

Yay Laken it is good to see what you have been up to! I am adding a link to my blog (I hope that is okay!) so please keep updating!

Alyse and Bob said...

I am so glad you blogged again, I think it has almost been 2 years. I am sad that I found out you might be going to Texas on here. We need to talk more often. Hope all is going well!!! Come over for Sunday dinner sometime.