Saturday, November 6, 2010

Things I Adore, Things That Please Me

Since nothing that blogworthy has happened to me lately, I decided to just go ahead and list the things that I love in this life. Most of these items or things are a part of my daily existence, so this will give you a good idea of what my life consists of lately.

My job.

I love PSD. I love it with all of my little heart. I love everything about it. I love the people I work with. I share an office with the most brilliant, stylish, sweet lady in the world. I look forward to going to work each day. Just for example, last week I went to Provo High School. That catering class there was having a dessert contest. Since I know the teacher fairly well, she let me and Beetz, who was tagging along, into the judging room where we had full access to over 75 delightful desserts. So many! As much as we wanted! It was a glorious occasion. Love you, PSD. Love you. While not all of it is filled with cake and cookies, and includes long and sometimes less-than-thrilling Board meetings, I still love that job to pieces. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have it.

See this? Times it by 14. That was my dessert tasting experience. Awesome.

Sweet Tooth Fairy Bake Shop.

While I had a giant debate occurred in my heart just barely, I ultimately decided that Sweet Tooth Fairy (STF) is the winner. For the past 4 months or so, Cocoa Bean Cupcake CafĂ© and Sweet Tooth Fairy have been waging a serious battle in my soul. Who deserves my true loyalty? I adore cupcakes. Both sell cupcakes. Both sell really good cupcakes. I own T-shirts from both stores. Multiple. However, upon writing this entry, I know Cocoa Bean does not supply me with the same kind of joy and thrill as does STF. However, I hope you will all be praying for me right now. I am on a cupcake fast. I used to eat at least two or three a week. Not kind to the pocketbook or the waistline. How long will this fast last? Not sure. But I can tell you Mike is much happier, as he does not appreciate the adorable, pint-sized confections like I do, and my jeans fell much happier too. Favorite thing there – very hard decision – the marble cupcake (best of both worlds) and the pumpkin chocolate chip bar. I know I will cry when they take it away, as it is only seasonal.


Remember the wonderful woman I share an office with? She’s the PSD’s Literacy Specialist, meaning she’s read every book in the world and also owns every book in the world. I wasn’t too big of a reader till I met her. Now she has me with a giant list full of books that I can’t wait to read. Currently, I ‘m stuck on Grapes of Wrath. I say stuck because it isn’t as quick-going or as easy to read as my ultimate faves, Walk 2 Moons or Hunger Games found in the juvenile literature section, like 93% of the books I read. Love those. Could talk all day about those. Hope to own 8 copies of each so I can loan them out to lots of people and share that glory that is in those books. In my defense, my office roommate specializes in those areas. She’s not looking for books for old people, just kids. She used to teach English at Provo High, so she always has teen books on the brain. Not my fault.

Pink Penguin PJ Pants.

This could be my favorite article of clothing that I have ever owned. It is a combination of all things I love. Pink and penguins. I’m cool with pj pants, but I’d honestly rather wear my favorite pair of beautiful brown trousers from Gap that I know I’d covet if I didn’t already own. However, pink penguins would not look very appropriate in a work setting, so if they have to be on pj pants, so be it. My family gave me these last year for Christmas. I try and stay in them as long as possible each morning, and are the first thing to come on my body after work. Nothing beats my pink penguin pj pants.

My Blanket.

Linus and I are kindred spirits. The blanket I own is magical. It knows what temperature I am and therefore acts accordingly. If I’m hot, he feels nice and cool. If I’m only a little cold, he only warms me a little bit. If I’m super cold, he warms me up all the way. I don’t know how this happens or how it works. Mike doesn’t believe any blanket could do that. He even tried it once, but he still said it didn’t work. It could probably be that this blanket and I have been together for a really long time and he just knows me so well. I got him when I was sick in jr. high and my sweet Aunt Sue made it for me because my really old blanket might have repulsed her. I my old blanket from birth and it had Muppet Babies on it. I loved that blanket, but, I will admit, I did look quite ragged. The Muppet Babies on that blanket were not longer recognizable. She gave me this one and we’ve been together going on 12 years now. I’ve been with it 3 times longer than Mike. No wonder he doesn’t understand how magical my blanket is. This blanket has been through everything with me. High school, college, marriage. It’s been around me when I’ve felt the most happy and content, but has also helped soak up and wipe away my tears. He’s been through everything with me. I even took him to Germany to visit my family because I knew I wouldn’t last without it.

I must have this thing to sleep. I like to have at least half of it wrapped around my neck. It sounds dangerous, but that’s how I like it. Sleeping simply doesn’t happen when it’s gone. Vacations are the worst, hence taking it to Germany for two weeks. If it falls off during the night, I somehow notice, grab it, and all is well again. One night, Mike fell asleep before he made it under the covers. He looked cold, so I thought I would be so sweet and put my wonderful blanket on him. Big mistake. I went to bed a while later and attempted to get warm and snuggly with just my sheets. I had to snuggle with something as Mike was asleep and my blanket was elsewhere. During the night I went to snatch if from him because I could not sleep, but couldn’t feel it anywhere, as it must have fallen off him sometime earlier. I didn’t want get out of bed, so I waited and waited to fall asleep. Never happened. After who knows how long, I got out of bed, retrieved it, and was able to fall asleep in no time. This blanket is magical. I have no idea what will happen when he reaches the stage my Muppet Baby one did. He’s already on his way, poor thing. All of the ties have come out, so all of the batting is one corner now. I think this makes my blanket all the more appealing because he is now a pillow AND a blanket. It took a minute to get used to, but he is all the more awesome now.


Michelle Khai and I are best friends. We hang out about twice a week, hopefully. She continually inspires me with her ridiculously defined arms, calves and tummy. While our bodies might look really different, we’re basically the same because we both have the same bangs. She assures me that most of our activities together will “whittle away that muffin top” for sure. I discovered Kettlenetics when I was visiting my family in Germany. My mom always has some sort of new exercise video laying around. I never really cared too much about them until I saw the intriguing kettlebells (originated in ancient Russian Olympic training gyms, in case you were wondering). I was bored one rainy afternoon there and decided to give it a whirl. Loved it. Emailed Mike immediately and begged him to buy me my own set so it would arrive before I got home and I would never have to be without Michelle ever again.

Collective Soul.

Remember that kind-of-rock group that was kind of big in 2001? I love them. I discovered them about 2 years ago. Mike and I were going to go on our first camping trip, which is a story in and of itself. Never go camping in January in Utah. Especially if it is your first time. Just don’t do it. Anyway, we were looking for some music to play during the car ride. Pandora had played a few Collective Soul songs in the past and I gave them a thumbs up. I officially committed and bought 2 songs on iTunes. If Mike had let me play them back to back, over and over, I would have been in heaven. Now, I just can’t get enough of them. Their new stuff, their old stuff, love it all.

Yogurt, Berries, and Granola.

I eat this at least two times a day. I have all the supplies at work and at home. A cup of vanilla yogurt, some spoonfuls of berries, cover the top with granola, and you have a mighty tasty meal. This has now become what was once my pb and j to me. I loved pb and j. I had pb and j for lunch everyday and sometime for dinner for at least 15 years. It pains me to tell you that I don’t appreciate pb and js anymore. This tragedy occurred just a year or two ago. I don’t know what happened. My continual craving simply ceased. It’s not that I hate them, I could eat one just fine. I just don’t crave them anymore. It was really quite sad when it happened. I had no fallback food. Nothing I could count on sounding good when leftovers for dinner did not appeal. Yogurt, berries and granola have now filled that void for me.

Sticky Notes.

At I work I am a sticky note fiend extreme. They are everywhere. In different colors. In different sizes. On everything. My computer, my desk, my window, my lamp, my desk phone and my cell phone. I wouldn’t get a single thing done if it weren’t for those glorious, little inventions. One says ‘Please exercise when you get home.” Another says, “Remember the newsletter you send out ever term? Don’t forget to do that.” Things I am bound to forget if I don’t have it staring at me all day. Most of them are work related, but one or two are bound to have things that that I need to buy at the grocery store that week that popped into my head while I was typing up a news release or something. Sticky notes have saved me my job, my household and my sanity. Thank you 3M.

MAC Makeup.

All of the ladies at work use MAC. They always look fabulous. I had an eyeshadow from MAC when I was in high school, but never really used it because I didn’t want to wear make up back then. I was a hobo, despite my best friend’s gentle suggestions (sorry and thank you to Brianne who never gave up on me). It wasn’t until I entered Miss Salem that I discovered what a little blush, mascara and shadow could do for a girl. I never looked back after that. Doing my make up is now my favorite part of my morning, after eating my yogurt, berries and granola. It is especially fun now because I know it’s still going to be there after lunch. Before, that was not how things went. It wasn’t like I rubbed my face all day either. My old makeup would simply vanish, dissolve, dissipate, leaving me very frustrated and gross-looking. MAC, however, not the case. That stuff stays put all stinking day! Miracles! My life has never been better since I discovered MAC. The downside is the price, of course. I have a list as long as the Great Wall full of eyeshadows, lip gloss, brushes, primer, mascara, bronzers, and other make up necessities. My Laken Fund, my allotted monthly allowance, can only handle a couple eyeshadows and a lip gloss each time, so it’s going to take me quite a while to get to the stage where I feel fully stocked, but I’ll get there someday.


Last, but definitely most fave = Mike. I love that boy. He’s my favorite part about my life. While it is very normal to only see him for dinner and about an hour after, including most Saturdays and Sunday, I’m always so excited to see him and relish the time we have together. That boy works so hard. I admire him so much for his dedication. He hasn’t slept in for years. He puts in an average of 16 hours a day at the library. He still is magically able to do everything though. He manages his demanding church calling, and still cleans and bathroom every week. In case you didn’t know, cleaning the bathroom is the worst chore in my mind. I don’t know what happened when I was kid, but have always hated it. I think it was because my parents always made me do it. For a long time I think it was because they never let me switch off with my younger sister. They said I did a much better job than she did, and therefore I was ordered to do it more. The unfairness of the situation made me despise the job, and I don’t think I ever got over it. Eventually she was put into the rotation, but the damage had already been done. Mike is always so willing to do it, and he doesn’t even mind! Thank you, Mike for always cleaning the bathroom. You have no idea how much it means to me. I know he always tries his best to make me happy every single day. You know, I’m not sure that Mike has ever had a bad day. While I’m sure things have gone wrong for him, it never really gets him down and he does whatever he can to make sure everything is going well for me and does anything he can to make it even better. He endures the decorative pillows on the couch, the strange order in which I must have laundry folded, and the inordinate amount of time I spend in the bathroom. He is so good at complimenting whatever I make for dinner. He always makes me feel really good about my blossoming cooking skills, which gives me the confidence to be brave and try new things. He is so good about making our Friday night dates sacred and letting nothing get in the way of those. He always tells me I’m pretty even when I feel I am not. Even though he has mountains of homework to push through, he’ll often text me during the day just to say hello and that he loves me. Those are just few of the reasons why Mike is the best husband a girl could ever dream of, and I love him to pieces. Thank you for being mine, Mike. I love you.

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