Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Patrick and Redecorating

It has been quite a wonderful past few days. I got to visit Patrick on Friday. Patrick is my hair stylist. He is probably my favorite male person after Mike (of course), my dad, brothers and Stephen Wilkinson. I have only had one bad hair day since I started going to him a year ago, and that day wasn’t even his fault. I just hadn’t washed it in a really long time. Patrick somehow knows how to trim my bangs perfectly, which is quite the feat, as I am very picky about those 8 or 9 pieces of hair. Patrick is also loads of fun to talk to, which is very nice when you have to spend about an hour with someone. He changes his clothing style about every six months, which I find fascinating. Patrick is currently sporting a more ‘20s look, complete with mustache (which I used to find somewhat creepy while he was growing it out, but once you get to know Patrick, you will see he is not creepy at all) and permed, side-parted hair. Patrick is never dull.

I trust him to no end with my hair, which I care about inordinately. If he said we should do this or that with my hair I would say, “Patrick, you are beyond skilled, know what I like and know what is best. No need to ask. Just cut it.” A visit or two ago, Patrick and I had a 20 minute conversation about the gloriousness of cupcakes and where the best cupcakes shops are, who has the best frosting, best cake, best flavors, best cupcake shop atmosphere, etc. Well, it was mostly me telling him all of this and my theories about what makes a perfect cupcake because he hadn’t had one since he was 11. When I went for my appointment on Friday, guess what was waiting for me at Patrick’s spot. A coconut cupcake from Sweet Tooth Fairy, my favorite cupcake shop! Bless you, Patrick! I immediately squealed, gave him a hug and just stared at it, contemplating when and how I should eat it, while he snipped at my hair in his perfect way. If you are looking for a hair stylist, you will love Patrick. He’s at Shep Studio in Provo. Visit him and love your life and your hair. If Mike and I move to Dallas, I will be making quarterly trips to Provo to visit Patrick…and my family.

Another episode of funness in my life has been redecorating my bedroom. Mostly just decorating it because it was never really decorated to begin with. The bedspread you see here was a wedding gift (3.5 years old – don't hate it, don't love it), the lamps were on clearance, and the banner you see was a lazy Sunday craft project.


Not the most coordinated or even slightly appealing in any way. Mike and I agreed that when he started his summer internships and making a few more dollars, I could decorate the bedroom, and voila!


A bed-in-a-bag that included curtains, nightstands and wall d├ęcor from Hobby Lobby and a couple of lamps from Wal Mart and we have a new bedroom! I love it and can’t wait to make the bed every morning, which is something I’ve never before experienced. It feels like a whole new place and I can’t believe I used to live in the icky purple room above. I even feel slightly embarrassed showing you just how unsightly my old room was.

Installing the curtain rod was the hardest part because I had to drill through cinder block and I didn’t really know how to use our power drill. I had the drill set on the backward setting and tried with all my might to push that silly drill bit into the wall. My brute strength made everything possible, but it sure was easier when I figured out what I was doing and put the drill on the regular setting.

I also made Muddy Buddies today. I think they have made it into my top 15 of Laken's favorite foods.

1. Yogurt, Berries, Cottage Cheese - All mixed together

2. Grandma Stewart's Strawberry Shortcakes

3. Marble Cupcake from Sweet Tooth Fairy

4. Bacon

5. Air-popped Popcorn

6. Strawberries

7. Rice Pudding

8. Spinach Salad

9. Grapes

10. Brown Rice

11. Iced Oatmeal Cookie from Sweet Tooth Fairy

12. Mango Salsa

13. Muddy Buddies

14. Waffle Crisp with Whole Milk

15. Peanut Butter S'mores Pizza from Malawi's.

I can’t remember the last time I made them before, but I’ve been in a Muddy Buddy-making spree the past week. Love you, delicious Muddy Buddies, love you. Welcome to the top 15.


Kendra and Eric Lafferty said...

A few things: I'm a fellow Muddy Buddy ultra fan! Your bedroom looks AWESOME. You've inspired me...for the future when we have money. I went to Shep Studio after I had Crue, and didn't know who to request as a stylist, so I didn't get Patrick. But he was across from me the whole time and I thought I would like him to do my hair!! Haha. so that's cool that you found him. But now I fear I can't go back there because then the other stylist will see me. hahah and so my quest continues to find someone I trust completely with my hair.

Anonymous said...

6, 9 & 14 are on my list too lol but you did a FABULOUS job redecorating! it's beautiful! i look at that and i almost want you to come redecorate MY room (almost because i don't have the money lol). but i have to say that i liked the banner you guys had up. super cute ;)

Stephen said...

Okay Laken, I swear I've checked your blog a number of times over the last few months, but I have never seen this post! What an honor...I mean, really, I feel like it belongs in my CV! Thanks:)