Saturday, September 10, 2011

Who Shot JR?

I spent a month in Dallas over the summer. When I told anyone over 35 this, they immediately said, “Hey! Who shot JR!” Everyone then told me about this incredible 80’s TV series called Dallas with ridiculously rich people and ladies with very big hair who live out complicated lives. Supposedly, the coolest moment was when a mystery person shot an old, rich dude. I saw nothing like that while in Texas.

What I did see in Dallas was quite wonderful, nonetheless. Not only do they have the best fries on Earth (Katy Trail Ice House or Saint Anne’s) but it hardly ever snows there, they have fabulous shopping, the Dallas Mavericks and Blue Bell ice cream. Everyone there made a big deal about how glorious this particular ice cream is. I didn’t believe them at first. How good could a bucket of ice cream really be? Let me tell you, they weren’t joking. I consumed a carton of Rocky Road all by myself, minus one bowl Mike had, in three days. If you go, get some. You won’t be sad.

Mike sneakily caught me eating all the rest of our Blue Bell.

Another wonderful thing about Dallas was the lifestyle I lived while I was there. Wonderful Provo School District gives me a month off during the summer. I took those grand 4 weeks off while in Dallas, which meant I really didn’t have that much to do. My life consisted of sleeping in till 9 (or later), reading nearly a dozen books, running on the Katy Trail (no cars to hit or scare you), laying by the pool, shopping at giant malls, eating lots of Blue Bell, hunting for delicious cupcakes and cookies (Society Bakery and JD Chippery’s), pretty much doing whatever I wanted and attending Mike’s law firm parties. I think that describes the best life ever. I did that for a full month straight, and I still dream about it at night. Not only did I actually live this glorified life, but I also lived it with a washer, dryer and dishwasher, all fantasies of Wymount residents. There were times when I would wash a single shirt during the middle of the day, simply because I could and only had to walk 14 steps to do so. I never thought laundry could be such a grand novelty, but oh, it was.

The wonderful pool I would hang out at daily. People would often complain about the heat, but it really isn't that bad when you run around in a swimming suit during the afternoon. People need to figure that out.

Another fun part about Mike’s internship was the firm parties held at least weekly. Most were dinners or cocktail parties and a partner’s house (partner = big boss in law world), but some included Ranger’s games, tours of the Dallas Cowboy’s Stadium, plays, fancy steakhouse dinners, and some volunteer landscaping in a scary Dallas neighborhood. It was a month-long party for me.

My view from our 17th row seats. It was my first MLB game ever, and I loved every moment! The Rangers didn't play quite so well, but I didn't care. I had a blast! I'm going to become the greatest Rangers fan to ever live!

We went to the Rangers game 4 minutes after a long/wonderful day at Six Flags. Good thing I was wearing my red I Love Cupcakes shirt so I would fit in with the rest of the Rangers fans. That shirt fits any and all occasions.

Big place. Cool place.

This is me, in the Cowboys Stadium, laying in the exact same spot where I'm sure a several very famous football players have too. I was hoping some of their great athleticism would seep into me.

One not so awesome part was how sweaty I got when I exercised. Granted, I was outside running in 100 degree heat, but I would never have expected myself to get this incredibly sweaty. I wouldn’t consider my self an intensely sweaty person, but this was a normal-looking Dallas me after running. Weird. Please do not be grossed out by the pictures, it was just so astounding to me that I couldn't let it pass undocumented. I would also like you to notice the gigantic size of my bathroom mirror at this time. Also a Wymount novelty. Mike and I could get ready at the same time! So big! So much space! That’s just Texas for you, or any place other than Wymount.

Probably the best part about Dallas was that I got to see Mike so much. He’d come home around 7 every night. That may not sound so awesome, but compared to his schedule during school and in Salt Lake, it was like a second honeymoon. We had dinner together every night. It was usually at a partner’s house or we went out to eat (I only cooked twice the whole time – AWESOME), but it was wonderful to consistently see him each night for a whole evening. We usually did lame things together, like running on the beloved Katy Trail, watching Modern Family or getting heavenly Mango Pineapple Smoothies at McDonalds, but it was so wonderful just to be with him.

After his internship was finished, Mike was offered a job at his wonderful firm and he accepted! We are going to be real Dallasonians after graduation, and I couldn’t be more excited! I loved it down there! Hooray for Dallas. Hooray for Blue Bell! While I’m quite sure my life will be slightly different than the lazy one explained above, I still can’t wait to have wonderful adventures down there with Mike. Hooray!

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horray for laken! horray for many dresses! horray for a the high life! yays!