Saturday, September 17, 2011

Detour to Dallas

Mike and I discovered that he will be clerking in Washington, DC for a wonderful Judge Griffith on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals during the years 2013-2014! Yes, that is far away. Attorneys and law people like to do things a decade in advance. DC is a place I've always wanted to visit, and now I will get to spend a whole year there! I'm very tempted to get a silly, part-time job so I can be a full-time tourist. Now there are only the dilemmas of what to do with Steadman, our beloved Buick. Do we take him? Leave him here? Sell him? Do we want to pay lots of rent and live in the city? Spend less and commute a lot? Can I handle a year without Sweet Tooth Fairy? All very good questions to consider. Good thing we have multiple years to consider this.

Part of my hearts wishes we could go straight to Dallas so that I can get a puppy, but this will be a very grand detour and will provide us with many exciting adventures.

In case you are wondering, and thought Mike graduated in April 2012, you are correct. There are several things we must do before we get to Dallas and become regular people. Here is a timeline for our lives:

April 2012: Graduate law school
August 2012: Clerk for Justice Lee at the Utah Supreme Court
August 2013: Clerk for Judge Griffith at the DC Circuit Court of Appeals
Probably August 2014: Go to Dallas where Mike will work and I will get a puppy.

I might as well tell you about my puppy dreams. I have always wanted a puppy. Mike - not so much. I have been working on him for years and he is slowly coming around. By the time we get to Dallas, he'll be just as excited as I am! I have read multiple dog training books to prepare myself so our puppy will be the best behaved dog ever. He is going to be a miniature goldendoodle (golden retriever/poodle mix) with wavy reddish fur. I have researched all of the puppy farms in America and have settled on the finest one in Alabama. His name will be Davey and I will LOVE him.

I will love DC too.

And Mike.

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Anonymous said...

aw... well congratulations! you will have a fabulous time in dc. what about a cockerspaniel? I think those are super cute lol