Sunday, October 2, 2011

Laken = STF's Biggest Fan.

Remember how I met Megan - The One and Only Glorious Owner and Creator of the Beloved Sweet Tooth Fairy? Well, I did. Remember how I was filmed with her and gave my own ode and soliloquy lauding the fame and glory and deliciousness of STF? Will, I did.

The filming that was happening happened to be an audition tape for Megan/Sweet Tooth Fairy to get on Cupcake Wars. Guess who makes two appearances in said audition tape? Well, I did! Twice. I appear at the beginning just talking to Megan. Then I actually have a speaking role. The only customer to have one, mind you.

Check it. Megan is slightly crazy, but mostly wonderful.

* Note. Because I was kind of nervous, I may have said that Mike "has" to bring me Sweet Tooth Fairy. This is not the case. He brings me home STF by his own free will. I think that is why our marriage is wonderful. :)


Brianne said...

You are definitely STF's biggest fan. And it's so awesome that you got a speaking role in her audition tape! Did you hear how she's opening up stores in Washington and Oregon?!!? I wonder if that means she'll be by me and then maybe I could go work for her! I must look this information up :)

Mike and Laken Cannon said...

Megan consults me on all of her major STF decisions now. I will tell her that she needs to put a store right in Portland and you need to be the manager. If only I had so much power. :)

Working at Sweet Tooth Fairy is also my dream. I have considered working Saturdays there for at least 3 years now. LOVE!

Alyse said...

Loved watching this, I am so glad you made it into the audition tape!!!!